What to Expect..

I promise you an experience of calm and peace, a chance to be listened to and let go of any stress and tension you may hold in your body and mind. With over 20 years of international experience in Holistic Massage Therapy treatments, together with a deep respect for your wishes, I will provide that safe haven for you to unwind and have some time for yourself, reassured by the knowledge of the proven health benefits of Massage together with the richness of skills and experience I have.

Unlike many other indulgences in our life which can possibly have a detrimental affect on our health and in turn make us feel guilty, massage, although considered a pampering treat by many,  gives only positive effects on our health and well-being. Relaxing the body, the stress hormone reduces, blood pressure drops, circulation is improved, nourishing the tissues and assisting the removal of toxins and waste.  The body is sent into a blissful state with a rise of feel-good hormones like serotonin, endorphins and dopamine. Dopamine plays a key role in motivation, and so you can say massage can motivate us as well as relax and relieve an achy body.

After a consultation, carefully considering your needs on the day, my aim will be to help you nourish, restore and rebalance yourself. Essential oils are always in my toolkit as an Aromatherapist to support you on an aromatic level and a bespoke blend will be made up on the date of your appointment just for you. This is available on request to take home to enhance and continue the benefits of your massage.

Come and experience for yourself the power of Aromatherapy and massage to support your health and wellness, step out of the chaos of life, stop awhile, take rest and enjoy the stillness and peace, reconnecting with who you truly are.

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