Lift your Face and your spirits

What goes on inwardly is worthy of your love

Equinox Offer with a course of the Zone Face Lift Facial

The added benefit of a course of the Zone Face Lift Facial is the same as regular exercise for the body. There is a cumulative effect from regular treatments that give a far greater result than a stand alone treatment. I love to give this offer as we head into Winter and the colder and darker months to really lift your spirits.
Tips will be given to take home and use between treatments to maximise the benefit of this natural lift for your face and your heart.
It feels especially important now to find something for yourself that both helps to nourish your skin, and lift your spirit. Do get in touch if you’d like more information to find the right treatment to suit your needs.
If you’re not sure whether the Zone Face Lift Facial is for you then try a one off to see how you find it. If you decide to take up the course after then I will honour the discount so you do not lose out. If you’re an existing client of mine then there is a special discount for you to take advantage of if you’d like to try this treatment.
Options to pay in instalments also available.

🍂 Zone Face Lift Program Equinox Special 🍂

🍂 4 Treatments 🍂 £340 now £230~ Save over 30%

🍂 6 Treatments 🍂 £510 now £300 ~ Save over 40%

🍂 12 week course 🍂 £1020.00 now £510 ~ Save 50%

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Terms and conditions apply

Enjoy the benefits of Guasha and learn how to do at home for yourself too

1 thought on “Promotions/Offers”

  1. Trish I can’t find the good discount (50%) for 12 session available on the online booking website. Am I looking in the wrong place?
    Hi Nicky,
    Lovely to hear from you and great that you want to go for 12week promotion.
    I’ve had it switched off for summer, but will make sure it’s back up for you to book and send you the link,
    Warmest wishes,


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